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Interactive Flipbooks

What is a Flipbook?

A flipbook is created by converting a PDF into a digital interactive book that you can flip through the pages, like you were flipping through a printed copy. Plus, there can be interactive elements, such as videos, pop-up images, table of contents and more to further enhance the experience. 

flipbooks on all devices

What will Make a Good Flipbook?

Any kind of document is a good candidate for turning into a flipbook.

Digital flipbooks are much more visually appealing than sending a static PDF to colleagues and customers. They can easily be sent in an email and instead of downloading a large file, they can view it in their web browser.

  • Annual Report
  • Brochure
  • Catalogue
  • eBook
  • Magazine
  • Newsletter
  • Photo Album
  • Presentation

What are the Benefits of a Flipbook?

Flipbooks are a great way to engage your audience, boost marketing and sales efforts, and let you measure content performance.


Add integrated videos (that play without sending the customer off your website)

Pop Up Images

Add pop up images so they open up full screen instead of small photos on a page


Add animations with GIFs


Add links to relevant sources for additional information


Easy Navigation

A table of contents and thumbnails allows easier navigation of the document

Responsive Design

Looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile

Tracking Performance

Integrate with Google Analytics to track the statistics on how it’s performing.

Brand Integrity

Each flipbook becomes an extension of your brand with a clickable logo, favicon, colours, background image, hosted on your website and no mention of Treloar & Associates or other companies or software 

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized for search engines and can be quickly found on the web. Or disable if you want your content to stay private.



Text search to help your readers navigate through the digital content and quickly find the info they need

Easy Sharing

Share as direct links in an email or embed the flipbook into your website.


Add a nice background song for visitors to hear while flipping through

Splashables Catalogue

See how easy it is to navigate through a 76 page catalogue with the table of contents.

Wedding Album

Showcase your beautiful wedding pictures via this flipbook – so easy to share with friends and family online! See the pop-up image and background soundtrack features.

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